Fire Truck Manufacturing: The Steps Required to Build Custom Apparatus

Fire truck manufacturing and the planning required to build a fire truck or custom apparatus is a detail-oriented, step-by-step process that requires precision, ingenuity and a great deal of expertise. From the very first cut of sheet metal to the final apparatus delivery, there are processes in place to ensure each custom apparatus is crafted to not only exceed customer expectations but also perform like no other.

Engineers and manufacturing facility teams lead the custom fire apparatus building process in 1,500,000+ square feet of design, manufacturing and assembly space. From welding to assembly, experienced team members throughout the manufacturing process have mastered every working feature of each pumper, tanker, aerial and rescue unit component.

Through continued innovation, research and development, Pierce Manufacturing has remained at the forefront of advancing technology and fire truck manufacturing practices. The production of custom fire apparatus helps support communities worldwide and Pierce is up to the task.

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