When Reliant Fire Apparatus was formed in 1994 we dedicated ourselves to being the most reliable fire apparatus supplier and service organization possible.  We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable responses to all inquiries, providing reliable and factual information, providing reliable and fair pricing, providing a reliable and professional experience with each sale and delivery, and providing the most reliable service and parts to keep our customer’s fire apparatus and equipment in service.

The key to obtaining and keeping Reliant the most reliable dealer is investment into our organization. This includes investing in state of the art office and management technologies, state of the art service facilities and equipment, state of the art parts inventories and state of the art customer service systems.

However, investing in these items alone does not meet our goals of being the most reliable fire apparatus dealer. The most important investment we make is in our employees, and in return the investment our employees make in their commitment to Reliant and our customers.

In our mission statement we describe the important characteristics that our company is based on.  Knowledge, professionalism, unquestionable integrity, honesty, fairness, and concern for our customers and community and above all, always doing the right thing, even if it may not be the most popular.  These are not simply words in a document but a creed by which our employees are expected to abide and follow. 

 Each employee is a direct reflection of Reliant Fire Apparatus and our commitment to the reliability with which our company was founded. Our professional sales representatives are knowledgeable and well trained on all the products we sell.  Our professional service technicians are all knowledgeable and well trained on all of the products we service.  But this knowledge and training alone do not make us reliable.  It is the attitude of each individual, always doing their very best to satisfy our customers.   Listening, understanding, and providing the best solutions to each of our customers’ needs.  Always doing the right thing.

 Our customers expect nothing but the finest when working with Reliant and Reliant expects nothing but the best from our employees in providing the finest to our customers.  Unmatched knowledge, unquestionable integrity, honesty, fairness, always doing the right thing; this is a Reliant employee.

Scott Krueger