EJ Metals is a designer and custom manufacturer of wildland fire trucks, brush trucks, UTV’s, all-terrain fire vehicles, specialty rescues, dump chutes, skid units and ultra-high pressure (UHP) firefighting systems.

EJ Metals was founded in 1998 and is the leading developer and manufacturer of ultra-high pressure firefighting systems in the U.S. EJ Metals was the first to develop the hydraulically driven system which does not require a stand-alone engine as well as patented systems such as the “New Maddic Dump System”, the “Assault Force” high pressure firefighting system, the “Magnum 440 & 480 RIV” rapid response vehicles, the “Assault Force 70 & 704” hydraulic driven ultra-high pressure systems, and the “Red Box” container system for rapid disaster response.

EJ Metals product designs embody the latest approved automotive engineering practices with a focus on ease of use. EJ Metals design has been engineered from the ground up and they pride themselves on providing the highest quality field proven systems in the market.

Every product offered by EJ Metals is completely customizable to ensure a vehicle or system that is designed to meet your specific application needs.