SAM BOOST is different from the full SAM system. BOOST is a scaled down version that uses the core of the SAM system to allow up to 2 hose lines to have automated water flow that can be controlled at the nozzle. It’s the most efficient and cost effective way to equip even your newest team members with technology they can easily use, experience SAM on calls as you spec your next new truck, and improve fireground safety — all at the same time.

Benefits of SAM BOOST:

  • Faster – BOOST doubles the productivity of the first crew, allowing them to establish a critical secondary water source more quickly.
  • Simpler – SAM’s automation of parts of the pumping process saves time and simplifies decision making, alleviating stress for the pump operator.
  • Safer – A faster and simpler attack makes every fireground safer. Combined with an operator whose time is freed up to maintain visibility with the attack crew, SAM adds safety across dimensions.