Under Truck Rinser

The fight against corrosion is a non-stop battle against the constant chemicals used on today’s roads.  One of the best ways to combat the ever evolving chemicals is to simply keep them off your frames by keeping the underside of your unit clean.  There are different types of under body rinsers that can be used on your vehicle, but many of them require a pressure washer which many departments don’t have and also come with a high price tag.  Reliant is offering one possible tool to help combat corrosion for a reasonable price that DOES NOT REQUIRE a pressure washer and hooks up to any normal garden hose faucet.  A pressure washer typically flows at a rate of 1.75 GPM where this rinser flows at a rate of 5 to 5.5 GPM providing more water and a heavier soak to the underside of your unit.  Call for more information and see the video below of it in action.