Emergent specializes in fleet management and incident response solutions, offering advanced telemetry integration for fleet vehicles and incorporated data from trucks and equipment such as:

  • Incident command: Software that assists fire commanders in managing emergency scenes, including things like resource allocation and decision-making.
  • Fleet maintenance: Software that helps track and maintain fire department vehicles.
  • Real-time location tracking: Tracking of both emergency vehicles, assets, and personnel, allowing for better coordination and response times.

Emergent focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of fire department operations.

Emergent’ s Fleet Management Dashboards is real-time, providing a live overview for performance tracking, checklists, maintenance monitoring, and remote troubleshooting. Emergent’ s Fire Tactical Board transforms incident management, connecting calls, units, equipment, and personnel, aiding Incident Commanders with live visualizations, drag-and-drop functionality, and automated incident timelines.

Emergent’s inspection reports are designed to enhance the capabilities of an agency’s fire prevention division, these serve as a comprehensive solution for maintaining occupancy records, scheduling fire prevention inspections, conducting inspections efficiently with a dedicated app, and seamlessly communicating inspection results to customers.

Designed with Ops and Fleet in mind, Emergent ensures ease of use and reliability, keeping your fleet up, in service, and safer while reducing the time spent on reporting by 50 – 80%.