Richfield Volunteer Fire Company

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Specifications – Job #25372
Chassis: Impel
Engine: Cummins ISL9 450 HP
Body: Pumper
Aerial Device: N/A
Pump: Hale 2000 GPM Single Stage
Water Tank: 1000 Gallons
Foam System: Husky 3
Foam Tank: 20 Gallons
Generator: Smart Power 8 kW

Additional Specifications

  • TAK-4 Independent Front Suspension
  • Command Zone Electronics System
  • One (1) Full Depth Rescue Style Compartment
  • Will-Burt LED Light Tower
  • Rear Inlet
  • Pike Pole / Folding Ladder Storage Through the Water Tank
  • Rollup Hosebed Cover
  • Hydraulic Ladder Rack
  • Front Inlet with Pre-connected Hard Suction and Strainer