Trent Meiners

Trent Meiners

Trent joined the Reliant time in April 2022. Prior to this, Trent worked as a Diesel technician for Ziegler CAT for the last 3.5 years. Trent also has been in the U.S. Army Reserve for 11 years, the first ten he spent as Motor Transportation Specialist and has since reclassed to be a Combat Medic.

Trent began his fire career in 2016 and is passionate about all aspects of the field. Trent has been on Huxley Fire Rescue since 2018 and has held a variety of roles within the department. Trent has immersed himself in the firefighting community and has turned his passions into a family affair, often bringing his wife, Nicole, and dog, Meeko, to the station for events, training, and general department upkeep.

Trent spends his free time researching new fire practices, remodeling his home and visiting with his large family, throughout the state of Iowa.

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